The wages of sin…

19 Sep

The Glover’s Needle, Windermere Drive

Funny the things that hit you…  I was thinking just the other day that among my earliest recollections is being taken into The Sandpits – now The Bedwardine – around about Coronation time. Bearing in mind I’d only have been 5 or 6, I also have clear recollections of The Swan in St Johns, The Anchor, The Berwick, The Ketch and especially the now-defunct Heenan’s Club, and the fact that I was so young just goes to show the scale of the impact, right? Some years on, I also recall looking across an open field in a newly-created estate where I’d gone to visit a pal whose parents had previously kept The Old Rectifying House and seeing a patch of land taped-off and marked ‘Site for new pub. To be called The Glover’s Needle’ – where entirely by coincidence I came across Colin P. this week. Now while my recollections of Worcester pubs in the 50s are pretty bloody good bearing in mind I was still in single figures for most of the decade, Colin’s are crystal clear and nothing short of encyclopaedic – even though at best he’s only a couppla years older than me, a fact that irks me no end on account of I don’t like being beaten at my own game. “Well it’s like this, see Bobby” he said: “…we lived in the Blockhouse and every Friday night, our mam used to send me round the pubs to fetch the old man home before he’d spent his wage packet. So I got to know them all: the old Prince of Wales, The Railway, The King Billy, The Beehive, The Crowle House, the lot. Anyway, one day he asked me how come I always managed to find him long before closing time, then 10 o’clock. So I told him our mam always gave me two bob (10p) to find him – upon which he handed me half-a-crown (12 and a half pence) and carried on doing so every week to tell her I couldn’t find him!”.  Oh, I forgot to say, Colin retired early – about 12 years ago – from a role he’d been highly successful in:  you guessed, financial adviser!

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